Sanixair is an italian company with high technological innovation, founded in April 2019 by the meeting of professionals with twenty years of experience in the fields of environmental technologies, renewable energy, energy efficiency, lighting, manufacturing and consulting.

The founding members decided to combine their knowledge to create a customized System of continuous Environmental Sanitation, which at the same time represents a technologically advanced and economically sustainable solution for one of the most crucial aspects of the quality of life: the containment of the bacterial, viral load, indoors, where we spend on average 85% of our time.

Thanks to the consolidated experience for the founding members, Sanixair is indeed an innovative startup but also a container of excellence of the most advanced technologies existing on the world market for environmental sanitation. It has developed an engineered solution able to work continuously, operative 24//7, which can be considered, also thanks to prestigious technological partners,  a 4.0 Sanification

To date Sanixair has 6 patent pending.

The company received during 2020 state aid published on RNA Transparency section.