Sanixair has the peculiarity of having selected the best existing technologies on the market dedicated to air sanitization in environments. 

There are two distinctive aspects of the Sanixair offer:

  • have aggregated several technological products in a system articulated, flexible, customizable and transversal, applicable to any sector and situation;
  • have made these available to the market in the form of a service: the costs are transformed into fees without burdening users and include ongoing and multi-year assistance that ensures the maintenance of the effectiveness of the systems installed. 
Sanixair is the guarantor of the service.

The problem of air quality and the importance of sanitation

Porta Sanixair

Poor air quality, caused by air pollution and accentuated by global warming, is increasing health problems for the population. Obsolete structures can help to further increase health risks. The quality of the air we breathe is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of well-being. Inadequate ventilation or relative humidity levels, as well as excessive variations in temperature and poor cleaning and maintenance, or even circulation of chemical pollutants carried by the air, can significantly compromise the quality of the air we breathe even indoors, allowing the proliferation in the air ducts of viruses, bacteria, chemical agents and unpleasant odors.

Air quality in the working environment is also regulated by Legislative Decree No 81 of 9 April 2008, which includes provisions for the protection of workers against the risks arising from exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents. Standards are becoming more and more stringent, especially in the workplace and in social sharing.