Sanixair has the peculiarity to have selected the best technologies on the market (equipments) for the air sanitization in the environments (indoor & outdoor). In addition, to select them, all the equipments used have been selected with apps in the field and through specialized laboratories’ certifications.
Sanixair has integrated the abovementioned equipments with remotely monitoring systems equipped with specialized sensors, that make the intervention of Sanixair a real «system» of continuous sanitation.
One of the most decisive of Sanixair’s offer is to have aggregated different technological products in systems and to have made these last on the market in the form of service. The offer’s structure means that the costs of any kind of intervention are transformed in fee without to overloading our end users of any kind of investment and guaranteeing a continuative and multiannual assistance for the maintenance of the installed systems’ efficacy.
Business and commercial success of Sanixair’s service is guranteed only by the continuous operation of adopted systems and, if there are dysfunction of any nature, the only ones penalized by these events are Sanixair’s proceeds contractual.
The combination of these described elements achieve the results that our end user become our partner and we are the supervisor of our service because of we are the only one penalized if they’re not efficient.