Non-invasive environmental sanitization

AirBox is a photocatalysis device that can be used up to 90 m3.

PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology, better known as photocatalytic oxidation, has been developed and used by NASA to sanitize environments intended for aerospace missions, where one of the main prerogatives is the quantity and healthiness of the air. 

PCO technology imitates and reproduces what occurs in nature through photocatalysis, a process which, thanks to the combined action of the sun's UV rays, humidity present in the air and some noble metals

present in nature, generates oxidizing ions capable of to destroy most polluting and toxic substances.

The benefits of installing modules with PCO technology can be summarized as follows:

• Elimination of germs, bacteria and viruses which, proliferating, cause the spread of diseases and allergies;

• Elimination of odors in the environment;

• Reduction of harmful microparticles present in the air, including ultra fine particulate matter generally not treated by common filters;

• Reduction of dust clusters;

• Better general air quality;

• Active treatment of canals, environments and surfaces;

• Reduction of the periodic interventions (and related costs) foreseen for the cleaning of the channels;

• Reduction of periodic interventions (and related costs) foreseen for the sanitation and remediation of the air channels.

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