AirBox Plus

The environmental sanitization at 360 degrees

AirBox Plus is a self-ventilating device with an innovative design, which sanitizes continuously thanks to the combination of two processes: photocatalysis and ionization.

The process of photocatalysis is a natural physical process in which part of the relative humidity of the air is transformed into hydrogen peroxide capable of breaking down harmful particles; the process takes place thanks to the interaction of some noble metals with the UV rays of the sun that transform precisely the composition of the air.

AirBox Plus continuously sanitizes volumes up to 200 m³ by means of two combined or individually selected processes. The system, in addition to having a display that informs about the operation, has a LED light line that indicates the health of the environment, with reference to the levels of PM 2.5. It is also equipped with removable washable filters. It is integrated with a system of IoT sensors that allow you to control and monitor the device even remotely.

The systems protect up to 99.9% against viruses, bacteria, PM 2.5 - 10, VOC and Nox, pollen, fungi, yeasts and odors.

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