The continuous sanitization system for elevators and hoists

AirLift is a continuous sanitizing device that takes advantage of the process of photocatalysis, as the name suggests is designed to sanitize cabins of elevators and hoists for civil and industrial use.

Photocatalysis is a naturally occurring photochemical process that consists in the combined action of UV sunlight with some noble metals, which transforms part of the relative humidity in the air into Hydrogen Peroxide, commonly called hydrogen peroxide, which, being in the right concentration, safely sanitizes air and surfaces. 

At the moment there is only one model, which requires a quick installation that consists in the positioning of the device, by Sanixair specialized personnel, in the upper covered part of the cabin.

AirLift sanitises continuously up to 30 m³.

The system protects up to 99.9% against viruses, bacteria, PM 2.5 - 10, VOC and Nox, pollen, fungi, yeasts and odors.

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