AirSplit 2

Tailor-made environmental sanitation

AirSplit 2 is a self-ventilating device that sanitizes continuously with photocatalysis.

The process of photocatalysis is a natural physical process in which part of the relative humidity of the air is transformed into hydrogen peroxide capable of breaking down harmful particles; the process takes place thanks to the interaction of some noble metals with the UV rays of the sun that transform precisely the composition of the air.

AirSplit 2 consists of a model that sanitizes up to 250 m³ It is ideal for sanitizing your home or workplace.

AirSplit 2 is easy to use, does not require technical personnel for its installation, is simple to maintain and does not require the addition of consumer products. It can be integrated with an IoT sensor system for remote control and monitoring.

The systems protect up to 99.9% against viruses, bacteria, PM 2.5 - 10, VOC and Nox, pollen, fungi, yeasts and odors.

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