The wearable Ionizer

BreatheMe is a wearable ionizer, a small device, portable, lightweight and practical.

The environmental sanitization system in BreatheMe is negative ion ionization. Negative ion ionization is a physical process in which the ions, atoms in the air, are further charged with negative ions. Then, the negative ions bind to the harmful particles in the air and make them harmless. 

BreatheMe produces more than 70 million negative ions per cm³. The process is natural and completely safe for the well-being of the person. 

The device is equipped with an easily wearable lace, but can be used as a "support" near the user, for example in the car or on the desk. Its small size and fit allow it to be used as a portable device outside the home, moreover, boasting a autonomy greater than 24 h is practical during trips, holidays and professional activities on the go.

The system protects up to 99.9% against viruses, bacteria, PM 2.5 - 10, VOC and Nox, pollen, fungi, yeasts and odors. The system, in addition to being a strong ally against allergies, promotes greater oxygenation in the blood that brings benefits for health and the immune system. 

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