Health & Light

The continuous sanitization that is not seen

Health & Light is a continuous sanitizing device, placed inside designer lamps, that takes advantage of the photocatalysis process.

Photocatalysis is a naturally occurring photochemical process that consists in the combined action of UV sunlight with some noble metals, which transforms part of the relative humidity in the air into Hydrogen Peroxide, commonly called hydrogen peroxide, which, being in the right concentration, safely sanitizes air and surfaces.

The system is activated by switching on the lamp and sanitises continuously until it is switched off.

The design of the lamps, clean, essential, elegant, makes them ideal for all contexts in which it is necessary to camouflage the sanitization technology and integrate it harmoniously into the interior architecture.

The range of products is customizable and is divided into: Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Suspension, Wall Lamp.

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