Environmental sanitization for your everyday objects

Ring is a sanitizing device for pocket objects made by Icoxair, which uses the system of photocatalysis.

Photocatalysis is a naturally occurring photochemical process consisting of the combined action of UV sunlight with some noble metals, which transforms some of the relative humidity in the air into hydrogen peroxide, commonly called hydrogen peroxide, which, being in the right concentration, safely sanitizes air and surfaces.

The system protects up to 99.9% against viruses, bacteria, PM 2.5 - 10, VOC and Nox, pollen, fungi, yeasts and odors.

Ring figure as an object holder, round in shape, covered with smooth materials and pleasant to the touch; inside a series of LEDs indicates the state of sanitization and has a double function for the smartphone, once resting inside is recharged by induction.

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