Modulo GAP a plasma

Environmental sanitization at the service of work

The Gap plasma module powered by Bioxigen is an ionizer ideal for industrial use, designed and built entirely in stainless steel.
It is suitable for sanitizing contexts with a reduced level of relative humidity in the air, for example large cold rooms and food processing departments.
It has a series of Bioxigen capacitors inside and a silent mechanical ventilation for an even more effective sanitizing action.
Essential means of prevention of bacterial contamination, simple installation ensures a high level of sanitization of air and surfaces. It allows for less returns and less complaints about contaminated goods.
It is able to neutralize up to 95% unpleasant odors, allergens, harmful substances, viruses, bacteria, molds and yeasts.
The plasma gap module is able to sanitize your work environments, through the cold plasma up to 700 m3.

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