The ionization is an innovative system employed for the environment purification. This system makes possible to replace the old chemical and pollutant disinfection process in favour to a natural and ecological one. The Sanixair technologies with ionization are constantly active to offer continue protection and eliminating up to 99,9% of virus, bacteria, mould and mushrooms, which are a risk for the health well-being.
The ionization technologies recreate a natural process that it is possible to notice just after a storm, here it has been created an electromagnetic field that purify the air and the surfaces.

Which are the principal benefits?

  • It offers a complete protection from the risky molecules floating in the air and surfaces; it eliminates virus, bacteria, pollution, moulds, mushrooms, smells, V.O.C., dust and allergen.
  • The entire process is natural, there are not used and spread chemical products, but just obtained from the nature by synthesis.
  • It perfectly works with the presence of people.
  • The ionization increases the blood oxygenation, contributing to improve the muscular health, the cognitive processes and the good mood.
  • It is a continue and complete process that offer protection in few minutes from its activation.

Ionization: comparison between ionization technologies

What is the cold plasma ionization that works in Sanixair's products?

The definition of "cold plasma" or "non thermal plasma" describe the physical process that create the plasma; this element is different from the gaseous state, this is due to its electric charge greater in the electron, this is the reason that makes the plasma lighter. The electromagnetic field charge the ions with negative or positive electric charge, the overcharged particles become reactive with the environment, they destroy the protein structure of virus, V.O.C., bacteria and mushrooms and they oxidize the volatile organic compound.

What is the negative ions ionization that works in Sanixair's products?

On the first stage of the negative ion ionization process we find, as in the cold plasma process, an energetic overcharging where the particles are charged, the difference is in the charge, exclusively negative. The negative ions, being reactive particles, combine with the pollutant floating in the air, as dust and allergen, which become innocuous. The negative ions' effect is on the air to clean it and for the allergic people to provide excellent benefits.

Sanixair ionization: how to be applied in the works environments

The research team has studied and projected multiple technologies suitable in the different circumstances and work environment. Versatile products can activate the system in complete automation and in no limits conditions. We offer a wide range of technologies work in diversified sectors, from the industrial, to construction, to agri-food etc.

Wind turbines

BreatheMe: it is a wearable negative ions ionizer, light and in small size, that purify the air creating negative ions. It protects the respiratory system and it increase the blood oxygenation. BM is perfect in the personal desk office for its size and weight that allow to move it easily.

Airia: it is a wearable negative ions ionizer, light and with the modern design; Airia is projected to protect and purify the personal microclimate of the person who is wearing it, in motion too.

AirFrost: it is a technology created to clean environment where there is a low level of relative humidity, as refrigerator rooms and freezer, purifying up to 40 m3 of air.

Mistral: it is a technology easy to install, projected to clean medium size spaces, up to 420 m3, where the relative humidity is low; it doesn't necessitate filter or chemical products.

Gap a plasma: it is a cold plasma ionizer ideal for the industrial sector, this is due to its composition in inox steel; it is perfect for purifying big sizes refrigerator rooms and the areas for the food processing.

AirCarry: it is a technology practical to be transported, its system is composed to photocatalysis and cold plasma ionization systems; the choice of the process depends on specific microclimate aspects. It purifies up to 1500 m3.

AirBox+: it is the technology with automatic aeration that purify continuously, by the photocatalytic and ionization system, eventually combined, up to 200 m3 of air and surfaces.

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