What is it and what’s the us of the environmental sanitization.

Environment sanification

Very frequently we use the “environmental sanitization” confusing it with other measures aa cleaning or disinfection. They are not synonyms. 

Cleaning is the set of operations to delete the visible dirt, such as dust, spots, foreign matters, waste and bad smell. The cleaning is obtained through washing operations with the help of detergents. Once you have made it the environment has an immediate increase of hygienic and aesthetic value in a place. 

Disinfection is the next step to cleaning and it has the aim to reduce pathogens microorganisms. It’s made in closed environment and with the help of disinfectant detergents or other environmental disinfection ways.

There are situations in which, by law and for the life quality of people, a more detailed intervention must be made. In some cases sanitization and sterilization are applied in parallel in order to act on a massive scale on all forms of vegetative life, spores and virus.   

We now take a look at the value of environmental sanitization, why it’s so important to use it with perseverance in place such as clinics, offices, gyms, hospitals, industries and building. 


1) What’s the use of the environmental sanitization?  

The environmental sanitization is an operation to remove any bacteria and contaminants that, with common cleaning and detergents, is impossible to remove. It brings microbial and viral load within optimal hygiene standards. In the environmental sanitization not only cleaning and disinfection, but also disinfestation and rat control shall be carried out. These practices are aimed to delete parasites and vermin. Also the interventions to restore the indoor and outdoor appropriate microclimate  are included in the environmental sanitization (temperature, ventilation, degree of humidity, dust presence). 

2) When is environmental sanitization to be carried out?

It would be better to make the environmental sanitization not only in extraordinary way, but thinking it as an ordinary activity to respect the existing laws and in order to guarantee the health of the people. A lot of people spend about 85% of their time in closed places as offices, schools, house and gyms. We don’t notice that the air we breathe in the environments, is often contaminated because of the ventilation systems are not well-cleaned. There isn’t a right moment to make an environmental sanitization: it must be constant during the summer and in winter. We must know and require as workers, that in a lot of environments as offices, food sector, accommodation facilities, sanitary facilities, schools and hospitals, we can’t limit ourselves to the ordinary cleaning, but the aim is to make places healthy and free of risks of contamination

3) What are the benefits of environmental sanitization?

This type of intervention, in order to obtain effects and to be in accordance with law, must be regularly conducted in the places. It’s interesting to note how, in a sanitized habitat the operating costs are reduced because of sick days of people decrease. To enjoy a comfortable working environment, with clean air, corresponds to have a higher quality of life. 

Here the other benefits of environmental sanitization

  • To break down bacteria, virus, mold and fungi;
  • To delete chemical and biological pollutant;
  • To delete allergens;
  • To reduce fine participles;
  • To remove bad smells;
  • To reduce sickness’ days in offices (sanitised air=life’s quality);
  • To improve work’s productivity;
  • To respect existing laws.  

4) What are the environments in which cleaning and sanitizing is recommended?

All the sanitization activities, to make the environments lined up to hygiene standards in order to reduce the microbiological load, must to be applied in all environments.

They are very important in:

  • Catering sector/hotels: in order to guarantee more pleasant spaces to stay in, it’s important that the food is prepared in hygienic conditions, in order to defend the health’s people.
  • Hospitals: in order to guarantee to patients and technical staff a less exposed healthcare environment to the bacterial and viral contamination.
  • Offices: in order to reduce the rate of sickness and to achieve the workers’ wellness and to have more productivity. How do we carry out? Through the sanitization of devices: tables, PC keyboard, phone, ventilation ducts and all the devices used every day by a lot of people.
  • Workplaces and large aggregation points: it’s important that the periodic sanitization in very busy places such as gyms, characterized by a high degree of humidity. The steam contributes to the development of the formation of mold and fungi. Also shopping centers and the big commercial activities, junction points and exchange of many individuals, have the obligation to make environments without microbiological loads too high, by killing bacteria, virus, mold and fungi.
  • Food sector: the sanitization is important in order to guarantee the best conservation of food and to avoid to cause contaminated delivery. Foods easily  become a vehicle for disease and infection. To sanitize kitchens and the food-beverage’s transports is fundamental in order to maintain in good way the products and to avoid the bacteria and pathogens’ contamination.
  • Residential sector: in order to guarantee more comfortable and healthy for people. In last years, the statistics related to the indoor air quality (IAQ) showed us a sharp increase in physical and microbiological pollutants in private environments and a deterioration of air’s quality. It’s a people’s right to live healthy, to breathe clean air and to use the common places safely. 

5) Benefits of continuous sanitization

The continuous sanitization, in the long-term rental formulation proposed by Sanixair, becomes more affordable than the periodic sanitization’s interventions. It guarantees a constant air quality level. 

Thanks to IoT system, in partnership with Microsoft through the Azure innovative platform, the system operation is constantly remotely monitored and permits to manage in real time anomalies detected by effective alert.

Choose Sanixair in order to rely on leader who from 20 years take care to select advanced technologies, that can be integrated into a sanitising target system, adaptable to every single context and need, in order to permanently and effective face the indoor and outdoor air sanitization.  

We care about your health and the enhancement of everyday environments. 


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