Environmental sanitation

The hotels are places periodically frequented by a lot of people, customers, external suppliers and internal staff; also Bed & Breakfast and Hostels due to the shortness of stays, have certainly a greater flow of people who use locals and for this reason it’s important to remove bacteria ( virus, fungi, spores, mold and bad smell) of previous customers to restore a pristine environmental, clean and fresh.
Wellness & SPA, also in the hotels, have become, especially in the last time, one of the most popular destination for the people to enjoy relax days. In a lot of wellness the water is not changed with frequency for every person’s access ( it’s impossible) and a lot of germs survive also in the presence of chloro: molds and fungi have their natural habitat to proliferate in a particularly wet environment.
For this reason to have a sanitised environments, both for the structures and for the customers, is fundamental.

Our sanitization’s system is for Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Hostel, Wellness & SPA.

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