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Sanitization in food production

The sanitization of air and surfaces plays a central role in the preservation of food and drinks, which arrive on our tables. The quality and healthiness of our diet is one of the most important aspects of our daily routine. It is essential that food and drink is stored in clean and sanitized environments, so that contamination by bacteria and viruses is not allowed, which could be stored on what we are going to drink and eat, causing disease and infection.
Our development team is specialized in sanitizing food & beverage industries, agricultural production and livestock: the well-being generated by air sanitized continuously in farms for the production of meat intended for consumption is fundamental and facilitates the reduction of the use of antibiotics and other medicines, for a healthier and better quality end product.
The constant control of air quality in this type of environment brings benefits not only for the products, but also for the people who work inside.

The solution

Our continuous sanitation system applies to production sites, distribution centres, logistics centres, animal-rearing sheds, plant cultivation and any other environment in the sector that requires disinfection. The continuous sanitation of air for the transport of animals or goods, especially in the agri-food sector, is a guarantee of product quality. We offer customized solutions for agri-food transport companies, ensuring the same level of sanitization quality on board the vehicle as in the logistics poles, both at room temperature and negative (up to - 20 C).
Each solution is designed and built together with our customers, to find the solution that best suits the existing structure and the specific needs emerging from the type of activity.

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