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The sanitization of production processes in the agri-food sector

The agri-food sector is facing a delicate phase following the pandemic by Corona Virus was the only sector that, instead of suffering losses has been economically valued, on the other hand remain unchanged some of its underlying problems. One of the most salient and discussed in recent years is the waste of food during and after the production process. Food waste in the production process is often caused by contamination during processing, storage and distribution. There are several cases of food contamination, one of these occurs when food comes into contact with bacteria and fungi, both from land and water and in the places of processing; in storage, instead, It happens that exposure to a particular microclimate or improper packaging promotes the proliferation of bacteria. The consequences are always disastrous for producers, who have to throw out the contaminated goods, receive it in return or in the worst case receive complaints about the entry of contaminated food, in any case the result is a large loss, a huge waste of food and at worst dramatic consequences for consumers. 

The solution

For the agri-food sector Sanixair offers a sanitization system, able to protect every phase of the production process, from cultivation or breeding, to processing, storage and packaging and finally to distribution. Sanixair has designed innovative technologies that sanitize air and surfaces of different environments and with particular microclimates, protecting the product until the time of sale, to avoid the manufacturer economic losses, trading safe products, and a verifiable benefit to the consumer for the safety of their health

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