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Sanitize spaces with a large audience

Clothing stores, grocery stores and all the shopping funnel share large spaces and the possibility of hosting many people at the same time, with a high rate of replacement during the typical day. This particular feature makes these spaces subject to contamination by pollutants, making it essential a regular sanitization of the structures.
Equally important are the dressing rooms, small spaces where inside a person spends a lot of time in changing or trying clothes, which need a proper sanitization process.

The solution

Our environmental sanitation system works continuously, 24/7 and applies flexibly to all the facilities used for the reception with high turnover of people.  It is in fact designed and built together with our customers, to allow us to find a solution that best suits the existing architecture and needs related to the type of use of the structure. Our system allows it to be inserted in existing fan systems to sanitize this type of environment or to install self-ventilating products where huac systems are absent.
The non-invasive nature of our technology is "business friendly": unlike other mechanical systems that require the evacuation of environments, Sanixair offers a safe solution for people, which allows you to use the spaces without interruption, also during environmental sanitation.
Working continuously, then, allows you to maintain a constant level of air microbiologically safe, unlike temporary interventions that must then be repeated. And between one and the other, precisely because of the influx of the public, the risk of proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms increases considerably.

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