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The sanitization in the restaurant

Catering is one of the sectors that has been most affected by the crisis caused by the Corona Virus pandemic. Most of the clubs and restaurants have been closed for long periods in the last two years and when they found themselves being able to reopen they had to face fear and skepticism from customers, who had lost confidence in the safety of closed places. But as it has appeared in this long period, social interaction is an essential need for human beings; therefore, places dedicated to sharing resist the crisis but must find a new way to ensure greater security to customers.

The most frequently used methods of disinfection are based on the use of chemical agents, which in addition to being polluting and disturbing the sense of smell during meals, are a partial solution that leaves room for countless risk factors.

The solution

Thinking about solutions that safeguard social exchange and space sharing is one of the current challenges with more expectations from customers. On the other hand, it is not easy to integrate a sanitization system that remains both effective and harmoniously inserted in the context.

Sanixair offers a system of sanitizing air and surfaces through a range of products designed to sanitize continuously and fit harmoniously into any type of architecture and furniture, integrating, in some products, design objects, or installed retractable. The installation, if necessary, is carried out quickly by Sanixair specialized personnel. The systems exploited by the technologies are reproductions of natural processes perfectly compatible with the presence of people and sustainable for the environment. 

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