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For the health of patients and healthcare professionals

The healthcare facilities, being a complex apparatus, hosting patients in a precarious state of health, and personnel who constantly interface with the turnover of patients, require, within them, an aseptic microclimate. 
In these facilities, the likelihood of infection or contact with risk agents is unfortunately still high. Despite the directives that impose certain hygienic conditions, in healthcare facilities are still frequent cases where patients or staff are infected, coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or bacteria in the air. Healthcare environments remain a place of great risk to health, especially for patients in the period of stay. The causes of these events are different: the methods used for disinfection, some bacteria and viruses that are resistant to these methods and, also, the lack of disinfection of aeraulic channels, which become an ecosystem of harmful particles.

The solution

Sanitary structures are environments that require efficient and continuous sanitization. Sanixair offers the continuous sanitization service, where innovative technologies reproduce the natural processes of ionization and photocatalysis that sanitize air and surfaces in a way perfectly compatible with the presence of people. These systems are the same used by NASA to make safe the cabins of spacecraft from the risk of spreading or contracting viruses and bacteria. The service is designed and designed ad hoc for each structure, some of the most performing technologies of Sanixair are installed in aeraulic systems, performing the important function of sanitizing the ducts, which is also beneficial for maintenance. 

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