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For the health of your patients

The healthiness of the air we breathe is fundamental for our well-being and health and becomes more so in the places where we provide health care. In recent years, statistics have found a significant increase in deaths attributable to infections contracted during hospitalization and post-resignation. There are more deaths from infections than road accidents, and a large proportion of these infections are found in critical patients in intensive care or with low immune defenses.
Today, thanks to the system created by Sanixair, it is finally possible to guarantee continuously sanitized environments in hospitals, nursing homes, RSA, veterinary clinics, polyclinics, dental centers and in all structures dedicated to the primary good of health.

The solution

Our environmental sanitation system works continuously, 24/7. It is designed and built with our customers, who become our partners, to find together the solution that best suits the existing architecture and needs related to the type of use of the structure, to ensure microbiologically safe air and sanitized surfaces, for the serenity of staff, patients (in particular long stays) and visitors.
The Sanixair system is non-invasive and continues to sanitize the environment while accommodating people inside, therefore does not require interruption of the activity and should not be repeated over time. Through the Sanixair systems, the costs and times of washing and sanitation operations to which the rooms and the hospitalization tools must be subjected by law are also optimized.

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