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Environmental sanitization for hotels and accommodation

The accommodation facilities are basically a temporary home and, as such, they try to offer the best services and hospitality to their guests. The host usually chooses the structure that best meets its quality standards; one of the criteria of fundamental choice shared and most felt since the Corona Virus pandemic is the safety and protection in enclosed places, from threats to health and well-being. The lack of this factor, that is the sense of safety in a residential place, as we have observed in recent years, prevails over the other available services and brings problems to the business of the structure. 

A service offered becomes an added value, a service that requires the commitment of the guest no. This refers to the methods and precautions that have been adopted so far to make a hotel safe: the use of chemical agents for disinfection, the use of protective masks and products for sanitation of the person. These methods, in addition to not being a continuous remedy but temporary solutions, require a greater commitment of resources and personnel for the maintenance, greater pollution of both air, that of water and products that will ultimately require a long and problematic recycling process, and also a commitment from the guest.

The solution

The solution proposed by Sanixair are innovative technologies for sanitizing air and surfaces, able to sanitize continuously, thanks to the reproduction of natural processes that are completely safe for the presence of people and eco-sustainable. Every sanitation intervention is designed according to the specific needs of the structure, the installations are fast and non-invasive, the solutions are retractable or added as design elements. The result is exhaustive, the formula that is valid is satisfied or refunded.

Result: security of guests, staff and important added value for the host structure.

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