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Environmental sanitation for hotels and accommodation

The accommodation facilities are naturally frequented by a large number of people with a high turnover of guests. For their safety and that of your business it is necessary to constantly control and break down the bacterial charge, viral and polluting, as well as the persistence of bad smells, both in the environments and on the furniture, providing guests and service staff with a healthy and controlled environment in compliance with the rules (D.Lgs 81/2008), avoiding the "Sick Building Syndrome" (Sick Building Syndrome). This is why Sanixair, thanks to its technological solutions, patents and design capabilities, is able to offer a complete and continuous sanitation of the rooms and the air 24 hours a day, meeting the needs of hoteliers and their guests, allowing them to remain in the environments during sanitization.

The solution

We have a wide range of products and a widespread operating structure on the national territory able to intervene effectively in any situation. Sanixair is able to adapt its projects to the specific needs of each individual reality.
Unlike shock solutions, the use of Sanixair systems is a long-term investment that ensures continuous effectiveness and significantly reduces the intervention times, ensuring a constant level of microbiologically safe air inside the environments.

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