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Sanitization for industrial activities

In the industrial sector, the sanitization of environments and the control of the microclimate have a fundamental role in terms of safety in the workplace. Legislative Decree 81/2008 provides that workplaces must also be safe in terms of a healthy microclimate. Unfortunately, as many incidents have repeatedly shown, this part of the legislation remains a loophole. Working in a healthy environment is crucial for the health and well-being of staff, in fact, it has been proven that an unhealthy environment has harmful consequences on the physical and psychological health of workers. These events have negative consequences both for the worker and for the company that will have to bear the economic costs of periods of illness and have a staff with low productivity.

The responsibility for this lack of precautions is not to be charged entirely to the company, In fact, in the past, effective methods for sanitizing workplaces have always been difficult to access economically and with maintenance that often require a disruption of operation.

The solution

Sanixair offers a service of sanitizing air and surfaces with innovative technologies designed to maintain the microclimate of closed spaces healthy. Sanixair technologies reproduce beautiful processes in nature that are perfectly compatible with the presence of people and sustainable for the environment, able to sanitize large volumes of air every hour. The sanitization is continuous, requires poor and simple maintenance and the systems are integrated with IoT sensors to control and monitor the operation of the technology and the health status even remotely.

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