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Sanitization of environments with large crowds

The high turnout sector suffered severe economic losses during the Covid-19 pandemic period, resulting in poor public flows or closures; To allow the reopening and the gradual return by people it was necessary to adopt and implement sanitation measures. A safe level of health for the health of individuals in these environments requires constant disinfection operations together in a system that can ensure adequate air exchange and temperature monitoring.

The problem of the disinfection of the wide spaces, where another turnover of public takes place, is that it is difficult to contain the level of bacterial charge in circulation and therefore prevent the exchange between individuals. The techniques adopted to date to respond to the health emergency are incomplete, economically demanding and highly polluting.  Just think of how many tons of plastic per day are used, even disposable, and then if properly differentiated sent to recycling that, as is well known, is one of the most problematic that today results without a solution; but above all, they continue not to guarantee a constant disinfection of the environments.

The solution

Sanixair offers a service of sanitizing air and continuous surfaces, which provides a wide range of innovative technologies designed to sanitize continuously, without the use of chemical agents, thanks to the reproduction of natural processes perfectly compatible with the presence of people. The installation of the technologies is guaranteed by qualified Sanixair personnel, the service is fast and ad hoc for every need of the structure. To ensure continuous protection for the public and staff of major events, fairs, congresses, shopping centers etc.

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