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Sanitization in offices and homes

The workplace and the home are the closed places where people spend on average 90% of their time. These environments play a leading role in the health of those who live there. It has been studied and tested how a healthy microclimate improves the health and well-being of the person and how, instead, an unhealthy one is a real risk of developing or worsening pathologies. It tends to associate the polluted microclimate to an external factor but not present in closed places because they are considered protected; instead, confined places often become a concentrate of unhealthy mixes, coming from both internal and external factors, that alter the health of those who breathe them, risking creating situations such as "sick building syndrome".

In the working environment, the regulations governing safety in the environment provide for a certain level of health that can guarantee the exclusion of health risks, but in practice it remains an application flaw in most cases. The health of an environment, in fact, is not only about disinfection but is a set of factors that must be considered, such as temperature, air exchange and radioactive charge. 

The solution

Sanixair offers a service of sanitizing air and surfaces with innovative technologies designed to maintain the microclimate of closed spaces healthy. Sanixair technologies reproduce beautiful processes in nature that are perfectly compatible with the presence of people and sustainable for the environment. The sanitization is continuous, requires little maintenance and the systems are integrated with iot sensors to control and monitor the operation of the technology and the health status even remotely.

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