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Sanitization in corporate spaces and at home

Companies are frequented by a large number of people , among employees and various customers, as are residences (from small buildings to larger villas).
To ensure safety inside them it is necessary to constantly break down viruses, bacteria and pollutants, as well as odours, ensuring that those who live in the company facilities a healthy and controlled environment in compliance with the rules (D.Lgs 81/2008) avoiding the "Sick Building Syndrome".
Sanixair, thanks to its technological innovation and patents, is able to offer a complete sanitization service, continuously and in the presence of people, effectively treating air and surfaces, thus meeting the challenges of business environments.

The solution

We have created different types of devices thus allowing quick and effective interventions within the spaces in order to make sure the frequency within the offices.
Unlike shock solutions, the use of Sanixair systems is a long-term investment that ensures continuous effectiveness and significantly reduces the intervention times, ensuring a constant level of microbiologically safe air inside the environments.

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