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Sanitation in educational institutions

School environments are by nature places where there is a high risk of infection contraction, given the frequent exchange of social interactions occurring within them. They are scenarios of professional roles, of school careers and a constant variable of other figures such as technicians, laboratory workers, occasional collaborators etc. 

All subjects enter into a close relationship with each other, live the place together for much of the day and bring within them possible health risks. As a result, among others, the well-known ease of infection among children in kindergarten and primary school, especially those who have not yet developed strong immune defenses. This last problem, unfortunately, while creating constant inconvenience, has never led in the past to find a valid solution. Until the Covid period in which, with the closures of schools the failure of distance teaching and the need to return in presence, it was no longer possible to remedy the problem. As a result, more precautions have been taken with regard to hygiene and disinfection of the places, which unfortunately still leave several holes in the system.

The solution

To make the sanitization system of school environments efficient, Sanixair offers an air and surface sanitization service that thanks to innovative technologies continuously protects against health risks. Sanixair innovative technologies exploit the reproduction of processes present in nature, remaining perfectly compatible with the presence of people during their operation and sustainable for the environment.

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