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The sanitization in sports environments

A sports centre is in itself a place dedicated to well-being and sports activities, therefore the fulcrum of professional passions and careers. Within the sports facilities there are inevitable social interactions and especially frequent contact with surfaces and tools dedicated to activities; the whole context leads to require greater attention to hygiene, just think of environments such as changing rooms or playgrounds where constant contact between participants.

The type of exposure to the risk of infection, from contact or from other people, in this specific type of environment, makes it difficult to prevent through the disinfection of spaces alone with chemical agents. 

The solution

The solution proposed by Sanixair is an air and surface sanitization system that works continuously, through innovative technologies designed to reproduce natural systems, perfectly compatible with the presence of people and sustainable for the environment. These systems have been certified as being able to bring well-being and protection to the health of the person. In fact, in addition to their main function of protection against harmful particles, they positively affect the immune system by strengthening it, increasing blood oxygenation that improves mood and muscle tone. The continuous sanitization allows to increase the degree of healthiness of sports environments and offers the possibility to control and monitor technologies even at a distance, thanks to the presence of IoT sensors systems that are integrated in it.

Sanixair innovative technologies are able to sanitize even large volumes of air every hour; their installation, if necessary, is carried out by specialized personnel in a short time and does not involve invasive interventions in the structure. 

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