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Sanitization for vehicles and transport

The passenger compartment of a means of transport can be the place of different scenarios, there are private personal vehicles, where the individual is accompanied in the different activities of the day, or there are public and private transport, where the driver lives in the workplace, Or there is the car sharing service that offers cars to members, there are the means of long-distance transport that accommodate travelers from all backgrounds and, of great importance, there are vehicles for transporting goods . No matter how many people or things pass through the vehicle, the vehicle interior remains an environment that can determine its health

There are two main cases to be distinguished in the disinfection of vehicles and transport: public transport (especially) and private persons carrying out a service and therefore must be disinfected regularly and private transport vehicles where a more or less accurate disinfection of the passenger compartment is described by the owner. 

If the second case remains open to more alternatives, for the first there are hygiene regulations following the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19, which are carried out, in most cases, by disinfection with chemical agents.

The solution

Sanixair offers, as a best alternative to chemical agents, the service of sanitizing air and surfaces continues, thanks to natural systems eco-sustainable and perfectly compatible with the presence of people. Sanixair’s innovative technologies for vehicles and means of transport have been designed in a range that can perform efficiently in all types and sizes in circulation, to make every trip safe, unspoiled and eco-sustainable.

Sector case histories

Sanitization of Portmobility S.p.A.
Sanitization of Portmobility S.p.A.

Portomobility S.p.A. is a company that carries out general service activities within the Port of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta on behalf of the Port System Authority of the Central North Tyrrhenian Sea.