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Continuous sanitation for mobility

Now the passenger compartment of private cars, car sharing, taxis, buses, ambulances and medical or rescue vehicles, trucks for the transport of goods or vehicles for the cleaning of roads/ waste collection becomes almost a second home. How much time do we spend on the means of transport? With whom do we travel? Who occupied the place before us? These are just some of the questions that allow us to understand the importance that lies in the health and safety of the air and the surfaces that we breathe on board the vehicles, not only because the small and closed environments saturate faster, but also because they are those in which a high turnover of people occurs - such as public transport - are more easily at risk of contamination. As well as situations that involve the use of the same medium by different people on multiple shifts. No sanitization service h24 of the means of transport, no safety for those who travel and the difficulty in ensuring health security can lead to neglect the importance of sanitization.

The solution

Our devices are versatile and apply perfectly to the various sectors of public and private mobility, with effective solutions to ensure passengers and drivers the best environmental condition of transport safely.
Unlike shock solutions, the use of Sanixair systems is a long-term investment, which ensures continuous effectiveness and significantly reduces intervention times, ensuring air and surfaces microbiologically safe inside the passenger compartment.