Photocatalysis is a photochemical process that happens in nature, from the combined action of sunlight (UV-C) with the presence of some noble metals, related to the relative humidity of the air. Excuting an environmental sanitation, through photocatalysis, requires the use the most promising technologies existing for the disinfection of environments, enjoying numerous advantages compared to other technologies on the market.

Sanitization with photocatalysis is advantageous because it is able to treat more pollutants present in a space at the same time, with relatively low costs.
Oxidative photocatalysis boasts low cost because there aren’t consumable materials, in fact it does not require periodic interventions and also has no harmful effect on human health.
At the beginning, photocatalysis was adopted for water treatment, later it was becoming one of the most promising and effective technologies for air purification in all indoor environments


Photocatalysis: how does it work?

Photocatalytic oxidation P.C.O. (Photocatalytic Oxidation) is achieved thanks to devices that generate the same natural reaction process between solar radiation (through special UV-C lamps at specific frequencies) and some other elements (generally noble metals).
Sanixair photocatalysis devices generate hydroxyl groups (OH) with high sanitizing power, able to combine with the relative humidity of the air (H2O) entering in air the molecules of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) able to be distributed in the environment and on surfaces.
Hydrogen peroxide is nothing more than the common hydrogen peroxide, which is not released into the environment through saturation or nebulization but is the product of a safe and temporary photochemical reaction.
Therefore, photocatalysis provides to control UV-C frequencies, OH hydroxyl groups and hydrogen peroxide, that act combination and carrying out an effective sanitation that reduces bacteria, viruses and a wide range of pollutants.

Photocatalysis: is effective against viruses?

The photochemical reaction, that is enacted by photocatalysis, allows to destroy pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds, VOCs, NOx and odors with a simple, completely natural active element.
The Photocatalysts P.C.O., that is relized by Sanixair, can be easily installed in the air ducts of buildings in every building: hospitals, shopping centers, schools, industries, offices, museums, cinemas, gyms, shops etc.
They effectively eliminate V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compound), formaldehyde and other toxic organic compounds. Through the photocatalytic oxidation, a highly efficient air sanitization will be obtained on bacterial and viral loads, fungi, molds and yeasts will also be eliminated.

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Photocatalysis: comparison of photocatalysts

There are many solutions to sanitaze indoor environments, that provide different photocatalysts: the use of photocatalyst devices UV-C light, visible light or painting with photocatalytic paints. The coatings applied are photocatalytic ceramics, able to neutralize the polluting particles present in the environment, these harmful particles are changed into completely neutral and harmless substances that purify the air. Photocatalytic paints and photocatalytic ceramics reduce pollutants by up to 88% and eliminate 99.9% of mold and bacteria.

There are several photocatalysts used for environmental sanitation, the most used is titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is a white powder, very effective if irradiated by specific UV rays. The condition limiting the use of titanium dioxide (TIO2), which can only be activated with sunlight, has been overcome by Sanixair by using catalysts designed to be sensitive to specific light frequencies.
Environmental sanitation, which uses titanium dioxide as the main element, has also been used by NASA for some aerospace missions: in small places, where the sanitization of environments from bacteria, viruses, molds was an essential prerogative for safety and safety of the crew, TiO2 proved to be a powerful ally. Sanixair started from this invaluable indoor experience to perfect the technology by adapting it to the common challenges and needs of society. Designing a low-cost oxidative photocatalysis, improved through collaborations and investigations with the most important Italian research institutes, we promote a new system because we believe it will play a decisive role in the eco-sustainable purification processes of the next few years.

Fotocatalysis: application in working environments

We have studied multiple devices that apply photocatalysis to different circumstances and work environments. Versatile products able to use the photocatalytic mechanism in complete autonomy and in any condition. A wide range of equipment that works in ducted ventilation systems, in the world of automotive, construction etc.

  • AirCar is a devices for the continuous sanitization with photocatalysis (P.C.O.) in the automotive and transport sector. Photocatalysis has proved capable of carrying out a continuous, rapid and effective sanitizing action (documented by specific studies) on various local and national car sharing and public transport platforms.

  • AirBox is a photocatalytic oxidation air purification device to be used in closed environments of any nature, domestic or work, with dimensions between 90 and 150 m3. It acts autonomously, guaranteeing a reduction of germs, the inactivation of viruses, the elimination of smoke and solvent odors.

  • Health & Light is a line of sanitizing products installed inside designer lamps. Their system makes it possible to combine the functioning of the lamp with that of sanitization, guaranteeing its combined or separate use according to needs. The maximum of versatility is combined with a high sanitizing efficacy.

  • BreatheMe is an air purification device that generates negative ions capable of protecting the respiratory system, reducing the bacterial and viral load of the air that surrounds us. It also emits ultrasounds at selected frequencies that repel the most annoying insects. A product with reduced dimensions, which can be comfortably worn or placed on any desk and workstation, which will significantly improve the quality of your life.

Our PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation)

Our technology has evolved thanks to the collaboration and study of some of the most important Italian research institutes, including the IIT and the chemistry department at the University of Florence (Ugo Schiff).

The improvement of the photocatalytic compound, the selection of materials less susceptible to deterioration and the isolation of the most performing luminous frequencies are the results obtained to date, but innovation and research do not stop.

Sanixair PCO: the advantages

Sanixair research is not based only on the creation of new devices and the improvement of the best sanitation systems, but also on the implementation of intelligent technologies.
We have developed an integrated IoT (Internet of Things) system in collaboration with Microsoft so that all environmental sanitation devices are controlled by the user and by our operational headquarters. This is to achieve controlled air purification and to intervene in a timely manner to improve the system, where necessary.
Each P.C.O. it is tested with the utmost attention and prudence; the company that turns to us will have the periodic certificate that the structure is sanitized continuously 24/7.
We would like to send a monthly report where the entire photocatalysis system is analyzed.
We have devised an active 24-hour photocatalysis, effective and with constant monitoring, far from the aggressive and expensive sanitizations that are carried out one-off. Interventions that blend the wisdom of nature with the best technological research, far from chemicals harmful to health.

The continuous sanitizations usually offered by the market have high costs, considerable initial investments, the absence of remote control and are scarcely customizable. Our idea of sanitation is all-round, an operation that has as its goal the well-being of places and individuals in an assiduous way. We want to hope for spaces where everyone can enjoy microbiologically pure and sanitized air.
There is therefore no single solution to fight viruses and bacteria: the best choice for us is a mix of technologies, which look to the specific place and are active 24/7.
We offer you a multi-patent system in which no one will have to suspend production or work activities to sanitize the environment.
Sanixair guarantees you a constant level of air quality, where you will not have to worry about the maintenance of the devices. With a monthly fee you will enjoy the most advanced technologies on the world market for personalized indoor and outdoor air sanitation.

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