• Air ionization

    Sanixair's products, that work by the two similar system of ionization, which are negative ions and cold plasma, recreate a natural process. These natural processes produce an electromagnetic field which clean the air and surfaces eliminating the molecules could be a risk for the health well-being, as virus, bacteria, moulds and mushrooms.
    The Sanixair's products work by ionization are divided in two categories, for the cold plasma process microclimatic conditions, such as temperatures and relative humidity, are not a limit, the result is this system can operate even in extreme condition, example in the freezer. The negative ions are being applied in the technologies for the personal microclimate, for the wearable individual use.

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  • Photocatalytic air purifier

    Sanixair's products, that work by photocatalytic system, recreate a natural photochemical process. This last one is the reaction between the UV sunrays, some nobble metals and the waters' molecules floating in the air; the result of the reaction is the hydrogen peroxide that clean the air and surfaces from pollutant molecules, which are virus, bacteria and moulds.
    The Sanixair's products work by photocatalytic system are excellent in a specific microclimatic condition, the criteria are the relative humidity, not lower than 15%, and the temperature, not lower than 5 degrees.

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  • Hybrid

    The Sanixair's products that work by both systems of photocatalysis, and ionization recreate the two natural processes; the technology activates, in alternate mode, the process requested from the microclimatic conditions.
    Sanixair propose two different products, with the first we must activate or choose the process needed; with the second the activation and the switch from one process to the other is automatised, due to the presence of IoT sensors that receive the microclimate change in the environment.

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