Sanitization Convention Congress - Fiere e Congressi

The Convention Center, located in the heart of the town and surrounded by a centuries-old park, combines an extraordinary lakeside location with a strategic positioning, as it is within walking distance of hotels. The facility has the most innovative technological equipment, with an area of 4,500sqm thanks to its modularity, it is suitable for hosting any type of event. The center has a convention area, where the conference halls and the access hall are located, directly connected by a panoramic tunnel to the 2,000sqm Pala Vela multipurpose area, a suitable venue for exhibition area, catering area and poster session as for conventions, meetings, shows and concerts.


The Convention Center is spread over three floors. On the ground floor you find a mola entrance area and offices; the second and third floors are dedicated to meeting rooms and two large auditoriums, Room 1000 and Room 300. The facility is not served by dedicated air circulation systems. Instead, the Pala Vela has a system with AHUs (Air Handling Units).


The goal of our project was to improve indoor air quality at the level of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and mold and odor through the installation of a sanitization system consisting of apparatuses working through photocatalysis technology.


The intervention at the Convention Center in Riva del Garda is characterized by the insertion of four types of sanitizing equipment. Regarding the common areas related to halls, meeting rooms and offices, 69 AIRBOX1 were inserted positioned on parades by means of magnetic brackets or on surfaces and connected to the mains voltage by means of Italy plug. An AIRLIFT apparatus was placed inside the elevator to enable a high level of safety even when transferring from different floors. The auditorium meeting rooms Sala 1000 and Sala 300 have been equipped with two BIGAIRBOX apparatuses each positioned on the ceiling. At the AHU that operates the Pala Vela, three MODULO GAP 4000 apparatuses were placed inside the ductwork.


The results achieved, documented by comparing the "ante" intervention and "post" intervention microbiological analyses, were of were remarkably positive, in that the bacterial load was almost completely lowered and the goal of lowering yeast and mold levels and odors was achieved.


The Client is very satisfied as it has achieved the sanitization result in a short period of time and can boast that it has been equipped with a 24/7 sanitization system given the influx of people that characterizes the type of facility.