The Curno Shopping Center, owned by Eurocommercial Properties Italia, has been operating since 1991.Over 36.000 square meters for shopping and leisure, in Curno you can find over 80 shops, 15 restaurants, two play areas, an equipped dog area and 2.300 free and covered parking spaces.


The project for the Curno Shopping Center involves the intervention on the entire Shopping Center, intervening on the U.T.A.


The objective of our project was to improve indoor air quality in terms of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds and odours, through the installation of a sanitization system composed of apparatuses that work through the technology of photocatalysis positioned at the air circulation system.



In order to obtain an optimal sanitization of the environments Sanixair has installed modules «GAP» with flow rates from 1000 to 4000 mc/h inside the channels, downstream of the U.T.A. and in any case near the Roof-Top. The equipment, being in open area, have been equipped with adequate IP65 protection and have a sectional power supply for maintenance without interrupting the air flows of the machines.
The Roof-Top RT214 - TR215 and 2169, which serve the Mediaworld Center, have the supply ducts not interceptable on the roof, then the sanitation modules will be installed inside the sales area, on the channels immediately under the Roof-Top. A scaffolding of 6 meters was necessary and the installation was scheduled outside the opening hours of the center.
The Roof-Top RT 212, which serves the Newfoundland centre, has the supply ducts that cannot be intercepted on the roof, so the sanitation modules will be installed inside the Sale area, on the channels immediately below the Roof-Top.


The results obtained were remarkably positive as the bacterial load was almost completely removed: according to the laboratory that carried them out, excellent results were found, among the best obtained.