Sanitization of Einstein Institute of Higher Education

The Einstein Institute of Higher Education, was founded in the 1969/1970 school year and has several courses of study: from Scientific Technological, to Artistic High School to Applied Science. The institute joined the "Sirius" project with an evening course in Electronics, so as to meet the need to realize more agile and new forms of qualification of young people and adults lacking up-to-date professionalism.


The project for Einstein Institute had been carried out for the entire institute. Following telephone arrangements with the client, it was agreed to start, in this first phase, with three devices to go and install in classrooms.


The goal of our project was to improve indoor air quality at the level of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mold and odors by installing a sanitization system consisting of apparatuses working through photocatalysis technology positioned at the air circulation system.


In order to achieve optimal room sanitation, Sanixair consists of the installation of our stand-alone "AirSplit2" devices, which were placed on the wall. The devices have been installed 2.5m from the floor so that pupils cannot touch or operate the manual controls of the system, which has a remote control, which can be handed over to a teacher for programming it when turning on/off. The product power cord is equipped with a 10A "Italy" model 2-pin power plug.


The results achieved will be corroborated by the results of microbiological analyses that will be carried out in the coming weeks, after which feedback may be requested from the client.