Sanitization of Istitution Filippo de Pisis

The Filippo de Pisis Institute in Brugherio is a comprehensive school where several schools are located including: Sciviero Primary School, Scuolad'Infanzia, Manzoni Primary School and Leonardo da Vinci School.


The Filippo de Pisis Institute, following the receipt of municipal funds in order to be able to carry out room sanitization, relied on us for the continuous sanitization of four of its institutes. Our devices were installed as follows:
  • Leonardo da Vinci 1st Secondary School: Classrooms and Teachers' Room;
  • Manzoni Primary School: Classrooms;
  • Kindergarten School: Classrooms and Hall;
  • Sciviero Primary School: Classrooms and Offices.


The goal of our project was to improve indoor air quality at the level of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mold and odors by installing a sanitization system consisting of apparatuses working through photocatalysis technology positioned at the air circulation system.


Sanixair's choice was to install our AIRSPLIT2 "Plug&Playe" devices. Our devices were placed on the wall and connected to the power grid via Italia outlet. AIRSPLIT devices are equipped with remote control for on/off and can be programmed; in addition, they are equipped with speed controller.


The results achieved, have of been remarkably positive, in that the bacterial load has been almost completely lowered.


The client is very satisfied as the air quality has greatly improved and they can consider themselves ready for the reopening of schools in September, after the difficult historical period we have been through and are still going through.