Sanitization of Metropolitan City of Milan - Bertrand Russell School

Bertrand Russell is a School Institute that includes the High School of Science, Classics and Humanities.


The devices for sanitization and air quality and control were installed and loaned on loan for use by Sanixair, which will conduct teacher training on biosafety in agreement with the institute. Subject of intervention were: laboratories, classrooms, gymnasium and school offices.


The goal of our project was to improve indoor air quality at the level of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mold and odors by installing a sanitization system consisting of apparatuses working through photocatalysis technology positioned at the air circulation system.


In order to achieve optimal sanitization of the areas in question, Sanixair's choice is to install 41 wall-mounted "AIRSPLIT" apparatuses, which will continuously sanitize the affected areas. The apparatuses have been installed about 2.5m from the ground, so that pupils cannot touch or operate manual controls of the system, which has a remote control available to the teacher and programming electronics to be run post-installation. The product's power cord is fitted with a 10 A "Italia" model 2-pin power plug. This is an experimental activity that will last throughout the 2021/2022 school year, the result of an agreement between Metropolitan City and Sanixair. The Memorandum of Understanding also includes the inclusion of the topic of air quality and biosafety within the educational planning to promote among students and their families a greater awareness of environmental quality issues with particular reference to the ongoing trial. Throughout the year, the company will monitor and collect data on key air quality indicators in the school environment.


The results achieved will be documented by the post-installation microbiological analyses that were conducted on 9/11/2021. Once the results are received, we will be sure to contact the customer to request feedback on the results.