Sanitization of Tior SA

Tior SA is the trading company that distributes the horticultural production of the members of the Ticino Federation and the partners that collaborate with it. "TI" strongly marks the concept of Ticinese origin of vegetables, while "OR," the vegetable garden, directly explicates the image of a cultivation rich in traditions, intimately linked to the population living in a given territory.


For the sanitization project the following premises were considered: preparation room, processing room, Cell 1, Cell 2, Cell 3, Cell 4, Cell 5.


The objective of our project was to improve indoor air quality in terms of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds and odours, through the installation of a sanitization system composed of apparatuses that work through the technology of photocatalysis positioned at the air circulation system.



In relation to the size of the cells, the air volumes and the type of environments to be treated, after the inspection carried out, a mix of technologies was proposed.

In cells where the temperature is constantly below 10 μs, cold plasma equipment is proposed, for the preparation room in which the temperatures are not so low the processing waste remains, the installation of a photocatalysis machine is planned; in the same room we will implement a second machine always photocatalysis dedicated to the machine that will be placed within the dedicated compartmentation.

In the central cell (3) where there is a greater passage and recirculation of air with the surrounding environments, a mixed solution is proposed with the installation of two cold plasma machines and one with photocatalysis.

A centralized control system is also proposed, consisting of a board to be applied in the field near the equipment and a software that will make the operating data of the equipment available (the order has not yet been formalized because the delivery time is about 4 months).


The microbiological analyses after our installation have yet to be carried out and will be carried out directly by the customer. As soon as we have your feedback.