Sanitization Università Degli Studi Di Milano

The Università degli Studi di Milano Statale, founded in 1923 is one of the most important and well-attended universities in Lombardy's capital city, offering 10 faculties with more than 2,000 faculty members and boasting more than 60,000 students enrolled each year, 33 of limbs, 53 research centers and more than 6,000 international agreements.


Milan State University is divided into 15 university campuses in the heart of the city, from San Babila, the center of reference for the humanities to Città studi, excellence for research and scientific faculties. In these areas were identified the buildings, the areas of strategic importance and great affluence that even during the health emergency could not but be considered relevant to academic interest. Thus identified libraries, study rooms, conference halls, common areas and receptive rooms, the ambitious project of sanitizing academic spaces began.


The goal of our project for the various locations of Milan State University was to ensure safety for students and all faculty and workers. Thus allowing access in total safety to the facilities present in the faculties such as libraries, study rooms, laboratories and offices and guaranteeing a healthy environment 24/24h microbiologically safe, free of pathogens respecting the highest safety standards.


Sanixair wanted to intervene with a targeted and efficient sanitization of the air ducts in the various buildings of this large university campus. We therefore inserted Gap photocatalytic modules into the aeraulic ducts that provide the thermal ventilation of the spaces so that the entire supply of the ducts would be microbiologically safe. Studied then a targeted intervention program was accompanied by a wide range of microbiological analysis conducted with swabs on surfaces and air for all highlighted areas.


With a 99% abatement of total bacterial load, documented by comparing "ante" intervention and "post" intervention microbiological analyses, the results were remarkably positive, as bacterial load was almost completely abated and the goal of lowering yeast and mold levels and odors was achieved.


The Client is very satisfied as it has achieved the sanitization result in a short time and can boast of having a 24/7 sanitization system given the influx of people that characterizes the type of facility.